Unlimited Squirrels
Nutty Squirrel Facts...Wow!


A squirrel’s four front teeth never stop growing—neither do a beaver’s, a rabbit’s, or a guinea pig’s.

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A naked mole rat can move its two front teeth left and right—separate from each other—to help it pick things up.


The blue whale, the biggest animal to ever live on Earth, has no teeth. It filters food through its baleen, which is kind of like a giant mop of long fingernail-like material in its mouth.


Did you know that elephant tusks are actually teeth? The African elephant holds the record for the biggest tusks, which continue to grow its entire life. An elephant also grows six sets of back teeth. That’s a lot of teeth to put under your pillow!

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The spinner dolphin has up to 260 teeth—the most of any mammal. That’s more teeth than eight grown-up people have. Now that’s a mouthful!


A walrus uses its front tusks to help it move across ice. It stabs the ice with its tusks to pull itself forward. Do not try this at your local skating rink!

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The solenodon, a small insect-eating mammal, has a venomous bite!


A squirrel’s front teeth are sometimes tinted orange.

Orange you glad you know that?

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Next time you run across an aardvark, check for front teeth. If it has them, it’s a baby. If it doesn’t, it’s a grown-up!


A giraffe has no upper front teeth, kind of like Grandpa.

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